Welcome To...

Redemption Baptist Church

419-5th Ave W
Kindersley, SK

"Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus..."
Romans 3:24

What to Expect


As we realize that attending a church for the first time can be a little intimidating for many today, we wanted to provide answers to some of the questions you may have. If there is a question you have that is not answered here, feel free to e-mail Pastor Holloway at pastorscottholloway@gmail.com and he can add that answer to this list.


How do I get to your church building?


We are located at 419 5th Avenue West in Kindersley, near Westberry School, just across from Kinsmen Park. From Highway 7, turn south at the second set of lights onto main street, then turn west at the first set of lights onto 5th Avenue West. If you follow 5th Avenue past Westberry School you will come to the curve where 5th Avenue West becomes 4th Street West, and our building is located to your left on the corner. Parking is available on either side of the avenue and street on the front and side of the building.


When are your services?


We have two services Sunday morning: Sunday School at 10:00 and Main service at 11:00. We also gather at the church Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm (except for the occasional  Sunday nights we are scheduled for the Hymn Sing at Caleb Village, the local retirement community located at 60 Stevenson Crescent; on those nights we just meet there instead).  In addition, we also have a midweek prayer meeting starting at 7:00 pm each Thursday night.


Is childcare provided?


Yes. We have a nursery for children 5 and under downstairs, and we have parents and older siblings of children that regularly attend our services take turns looking after the infants and toddlers who would be glad to mind your younger children during our services. If you needed or wanted to stay with your child, we do have a speaker in the nursery  so you can still hear the services upstairs.


When should I arrive?


We would recommend arriving about ten minutes early, that way we can have some time to get to know each other, and (if needed) you can get your kids settled in nursery before the service starts.


What should I expect when I arrive?


We always have someone at the door to greet you, and help direct you as needed. If you are a first time visitor, this individual will give you a visitor card which you can fill out and place in the offering plate when it comes around; we do this so that we have a record of your visit and can follow up with you in the future if you had any needs.


Is there a dress code to attend your church?


No. Some come in suits, others in jeans; we are glad to have you with us, whatever you may choose to wear.


What should I expect for Sunday School?


Sunday School is primarily our Children's Hour, although teens and adults can also benefit from the time as well. We start at 10:00 and are done by 10:45, with the time broken into three fifteen minute segments.  In the first segment, God listens to us, as we pray, sing and give the opportunity for those attending to share what they are thankful for. In the second segment, we listen to each other as we sign off on the challenges each has completed through the week, and encourage each other with some of the struggles we may have faced. Our final segment is when we listen to God, as the Pastor shares lessons  for the kids from the Bible on the Ten Commandments and the Fruits of the Spirit.


What should I expect for Main Service?


Our main service is the time in which we worship together as families. We begin the service with singing hymns, between which Pastor gives updates on recent and coming events and an offering is taken. Pastor's sermon then forms the bulk of the remaining time, as he shares what God has placed on his heart for the encouragement and challenging of those in attendance for the coming week. Once he is finished we usually conclude with another song and a closing prayer. We are usually done shortly before noon each Sunday.


Am I expected to give an offering?


No, not at all. The offering is the opportunity we give those that regularly attend to donate towards the operational expenses of the church, or for meeting specific needs as they arise. If you wish to donate to the church, you are welcome to do so, and we will give you a tax receipt at the end of the year for your donation, but you are under no obligation to give; we're just glad to have you with us, and hope we can be a blessing to you.


What happens after Main Service is over? '


The kids are brought up from the nursery, after which some attending may immediately head out for lunch while others choose to linger and visit before heading home. The pastor always stays after the service to be available to any that needed to talk through things that may have come up as a result of the sermon preached. If you did need to talk to the pastor, but were unable to stay, let him know and he would be glad to meet with you sometime during the week if that was more convenient.

We do occasionally have potluck meals after the services on special occasions, and as we always have extra food you are welcome to stay and enjoy a meal with us.


What do you do for Sunday Evening Service?


While the Main service is our time for worship and encouragement, our evening service is our training time, as we seek to prepare our people for serving our community. We start at 7:00, and usually either watch a training video or go through a training session on various topics, concluding around 8:00.


Every month and a half, we are on the schedule for the Hymn Sing at Caleb Village, so on those nights the Hymn Sing serves as our evening service. We try to arrive at Caleb Village about ten minutes early, so that we can hand out hymn books and song lists. Usually we sing for about half an hour, after which we visit with the residents at the bistro.


What do you do for Prayer Meeting?


Prayer meeting is the least formal of our services, where we gather together Thursday nights for fellowship, mutual encouragement and prayer. We read prayer letters from various missionaries, share prayer requests, and then pray with and for each other. We are usually done by 8:00.