Chapter Launching in Kindersley October 11th

As our launch date approaches, we will be adding more content to this page. The main RU Recovery Website address is


Below are links to various articles regarding Addictions, the value of Faith Based Recovery Programs and the RU Recovery Program itself:


12 Indications of an Addiction:

3 Reasons People Turn to Substance Abuse and Addiction:

Can Addiction be Cured?

How to Help your Addicted Loved

 Do Faith Based Addictions Recovery Programs Work?

What is RU?

What we believe about addictions and the Faith-based Recovery Approach to Addiction:

Ten Principles for Overcoming Stubborn Habits:10-principles-overcoming-stubborn-habits/



Click below to watch a brief video on the history and philosophy of RU Recovery Ministries:

The Discovery of Recovery.mp4