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Redemption Baptist Church

419-5th Ave W
Kindersley, SK

"Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus..."
Romans 3:24


Meeting Every Thursday Night, Starting at 7:00 PM



RU Recovery Ministries is a faith-based recovery program bringing transformation to people and communities everywhere.

FInd Hope and Recovery Today!


 Our new RU Recovery website is now up and running!

Check it out at rurecoverykindersley.ca.


 Below are the audio  files from Third Talk so far:


RU 3rd Talk - Following - 09-26-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Relinquishing Self-Ownership to God - 09-19-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Recognizing the Power of Faith - 09-12-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Realizing Our New Identity In Christ - 09-05-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Reaffirming Our Helplessness - 08-28-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Transformation - 08-22-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Dedication -08-15-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - The Two Commandments of Christ - 8-08-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Jesus the Life - 08-01-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Jesus the Truth - 07-25-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Jesus the Way - 07-18-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Recovering Your Reputation - 07-11-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - The Pursuit of Happiness - 07-04-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Fight Right - 06-27-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Breaking Family Curses - 06-20-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Guided By Integrity - 06-13-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - D-Day - 06-06-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Seeking Satisfaction - 05-30-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - The Hazard of a Critical Spirit - 05-23-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - The Highway of the Upright - 05-16-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Companions - 05-09-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Preparing Our Hearts - 05-02-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Sowing and Reaping - 04-25-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Choosing Excellence - 04-18-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Breaking the Cycle - 04-11-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Staying on the Right Path - 04-04-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - An Apprenticeship in Prayer - 03-28-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Peace in the Midst of the Storm - 03-21-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Our Source of Hope - 03-14-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Responding to Adversity - 03-07-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Anger - The Beast Within - 02-28-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Changing Our Thinking - 2-21-19.MP3

RU 3rd Talk - Learning to Love - 02-14-19.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 02-14-19.odp

RU 3rd Talk - The 4 Rs of Reformers - 02-07-19.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 02-07-19.odp

RU 3rd Talk - Passions and Pursuits - 01-31-19.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 01-31-19.odp

RU 3rd Talk - Out with the Old in with the New - 01-24-19.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 01-24-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - Rest for the Weary - 01-17-19.MP3

 Third Talk Presentation 01-17-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - Dealing with Depression - 01-10-19.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 01-10-18.odp

 RU 3rd Talk - One Day at a Time - (Part 1) - 01-03-19.MP3

 Third Talk Presentation 01-03-18.odp

 RU 3rd Talk - New Years Resolution - 12-27-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 12-27-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - Having a Joyful Christmas - 12-20-18.m4a

Third Talk Presentation 12-20-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - The Snare of Self-Indulgence - 12-13-18 AM.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 12-13-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - The Shackles of Shame - 12-06-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 12-06-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - In the Grip of Ingratitude - 11-29-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 11-29-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - The Chain of Pain - 11-22-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 11-22-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - Partners in Recovery - 11-15-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 11-15-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - Perspective vs Reality - 11-08-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 11-08-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - A Sure Foundation - 11-01-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 11-01-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - The Help We Need - 10-25-18.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 10-25-18.odp

RU 3rd Talk - 10-18-18 - Two Transforming Truths.MP3 

Third Talk Presentation 10-18-18.odp

3rd Talk - 10-11-18 - Something Missing.MP3

Third Talk Presentation 10-11-18.odp


Looking forward to seeing what God will do next week; we welcome you to come and join us!



Is RU Recovery for me?



RU Recovery is for:


-the functioning as well as the non-functioning addict;

-finding help, not only with substance abuse (legal and illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco) but with any destructive habit, including gambling, eating disorders, porn and self-harm;

-not only the addict, but also those seeking to help one who is addicted;

-those struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief and PTSD;

-people of any faith or no faith at all;

-anyone seeking to recover from past mistakes;

-anyone seeking to develop healthy coping skills for facing the challenges of life.

-anyone who wants to not merely survive life, but instead to live an abundant, fruitful, victorious life.


As the director, I can personally attest to the help the program has already been to my family and I, and I am certain it will help you. Come, and discover for yourself what true freedom means!




What Should I expect when I attend the RU Recovery Program in Kindersley?

Being familiar with the program, we at Redemption Baptist Church are very excited about bringing RU Recovery to Kindersley, and are confident that the program can make a tremendous difference in your life if you are struggling with an addiction or a stubborn habit. Nevertheless, since we are only the second chapter to open in the entire province of Saskatchewan, we realize most people are unfamiliar with the program, and might naturally be unsure if the program is right for them. To alleviate what concerns you might have, I wanted to share a few thoughts of what to expect, and hope that you will join us each Thursday Night.

For those of you who may not be familiar with our location, the RU Recovery Meetings will take place at 419 5th Avenue West in Kindersley, near Westberry School. The building we meet in was once the Ukranian Orthodox Church, so its distinctive domes are hard to miss.

For the present, our meetings are geared for adults and older teens, with childcare for younger children provided onsite downstairs. The meetings are open to people of all faiths, or of no faith at all; if you are struggling with any kind of bad habit or addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, porn, an eating disorder, self harm, anger, depression, or anxiety, you are welcome, and we are confident this program can hep you. If you don't struggle with an addiction yourself, but you have a friend or family member who does, you can a learn a lot from this program as to how best to help them.

The meeting itself starts at 7:00, so you will probably want to come five or ten minutes early . You would enter our main door facing 5th Avenue West, and upon entry you will be greeted and directed to the Registration Table. As a first time visitor, we'll give you a name tag, and after filling out a registration form you will receive Our Bulletin, a Prayer Request Card and a Beginner's Introductory Packet. If you have young children, we have volunteers which will be glad to provide childcare , and will help you out in getting them settled downstairs before the meeting begins. As you wait for the meeting to commence, help yourself to a hot chocolate and feel free to check out the resource table.

The meeting begins at 7:00 pm, and we aim to be done by around 8:30pm. We divide the meeting into three segments, which we call Talks, with short breaks in between:

In First Talk, we talk to God through prayers and testimonies. We begin with prayer, and then give students an opportunity to share stories of victory. This serves to give encouragement to other students and credit where credit is due - we don't like to talk about what we've done to God, we like to talk about what God has done for us! At the end of this talk, we gather the prayer request cards each person received, and then myself as director will lead in prayer for those requests individuals have indicated are for sharing with the group.

In Second Talk, we talk to each other, breaking into challenge groups to share each of our burdens or blessings. As a new visitor, during Second Talk you will be in the beginners group, in which you will watch a video explaining the program and how to use what you received in your beginner's packet. After your first week, you will then become part of a challenge group, led by a challenge leader. We take the first part of this time to review our curriculum for the past week and complete our challenges. Then, as those present feel comfortable, they share their struggles and we as a group provide encouragement. AS a rule, what is said within challenge group is kept confidential.

In Third Talk, God talks to us as the director gives a message from the Bible, laying out Biblical principles which can help all of us to find lasting freedom from addiction.

After Third Talk is complete we have a brief awards ceremony for those who have completed challenges, after which we have refreshments available downstairs. We encourage you to stay and visit if you can, to get to know the group better and develop good friendships. During this time, the director and other workers are available if there were more specific, private areas of concern you needed assistance with.

Before and after class, and during the breaks, we encourage you to check out the Resource Table, in which you will find not only the RU Recovery Curriculum, but also a lot of books which give help for various issues we all can struggle with. We sell all books at cost, just so that we can replenish our stock.

If you had any further questions, feel free to call or text me at 306-460-4688. Hope to see you there next Thursday!





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Click below to watch a brief video on the history and philosophy of RU Recovery Ministries:

The Discovery of Recovery.mp4